A well-defined strategy is a critical component for any organization and involves a systematic approach. It is a critical component for any transformational vision.


Be methodical in how you leverage talent within the company. Train existing talent to provide insight on emerging technologies in order to create a customer-centric culture.


Building a healthy, high-performance culture involves changing behaviors and patterns. Our methodical, comprehensive and integrated approach will shift your corporate culture from top to bottom.

Who are We?

We provide solutions to help organizations achieve digital transformation through defining strategy, identifying talent and shaping culture. When strategy, talent and culture are congruently working together with the desired output, transformation can effectively be executed.

"Digital technology has only begun to impact our lives and the world we live in. Let us help you leverage emerging technology to increase your top-line growth", Rick Reyes

Management Consulting

We can help you uncover your potential. We help organizations get their strategy, talent and culture in sync to help them move through transformation with more vision and increased resilience.

Some Benefits:

Strategic management provides an invaluable opportunity for growth and development.

Talent management can help you identify the right leaders for today and tomorrow.

Culture shaping can give an organization a new perspective and focus.

Our Services

We are ready to help you transform your organization.

Strategy Management

We can help you with strategy to shift how you operate and surpass your goals—whether simplifying processes, increasing agility, improving collaboration beyond boundaries and borders, enabling innovation and transformation.

Talent Management

Our extensive work with talent management gives us a unique perspective into the skills organizations need to accelerate their performance. We’ve worked with many professionals to ensure that they have the right stuff and then work to align them to the right organization.

Culture Shaping

Our comprehensive approach to culture shaping includes diagnostics that assess where an organization sits on the culture continuum in their space, sessions for unfreezing habits and reinforcing new behaviors, processes that foster a productive culture over the long term, and measurement of the impact of culture on results.


Please read our whitepapers and purchase our new book on DX Strategy: Thinking about Transformation.

DX Strategy - Thinking About Digital Transformation

Release Date - Aug 01

Our Managing Partner, Rick Reyes, discusses formulating a transformation strategy in order to capitalize on emerging technology capabilities. Rick also discusses the Transformation Triangle and how it applies to Digital Transformation. He then introduces the question, “How does an organization cut through advertising noise and hype; ask the right questions and engage in proper discovery in order to leverage emerging technologies to transform the business.

eBook for $2.99
Thinking about Technology Transformation

Apr 04

Rick Reyes discusses how organizations must be able to formulate a transformation strategy in order to capitalize on emerging technology capabilities. Hype created by buzzwords usually leaves most organizations being disappointed because of unmet expectations in what emerging technologies can do or change. So how does an organization leverage emerging technologies to transform business?

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There are many ways to contact us. You may drop us a line, give us a call or send an email, choose what suits you the most.


Events & Conferences

We will be at several conferences and other events all over the country. Check out the conference list below to find a location near you.

Global Big Data Conference - Santa Clara, CA

Aug 20-22

Rick Reyes will be a keynote speaker presenting his new book DX Strategy. Global Big Data Conferenence is the leading vendor agnostic conference for Big Data, Data Science & AI.(Aug 20 - Aug 22 2019).

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Digital Summit - Dallas

Nov 03

Join Digital Summit Dallas for leading-edge digital media and marketing content, mixed alongside top-flight networking with internet execs, online marketers, entrepreneurs and digital strategists.

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Digital Transformation IT Challenge

May 16 - Dallas, Tx

Rick Reyes will be discussing how enterprises are adopting new technologies such as IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning as components of their digital transformation.

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